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Mar. 21st, 2007 | 08:04 pm

Notable Curiosities
-This place, the Hotel, does not seem to be bound by any sort of concept of space or time. Its occupants seem mostly human (with the exception of six Time Lords, five of which are the same man) and the time periods from which they are taken are varied. I’ve met two men from the late seventeenth-early eighteenth century but it does seem most tenants are from the late twentieth-early twenty-first century.

There are no calendars or date books to offer a clue to our current year, nor are there business cards or the like to offer a location.

-The Hotel provides all needs. These needs include but are not limited to food and clothing. The bedrooms also seem to adjust themselves to their occupants’ taste and comfort. (IE: my bedroom was rather alike to that which I occupied on the TARDIS, and several of my personal belongings were there) The Hotel also seems to know when tenants have arrived and keys are waiting on the front desk, labeled. (no one here makes reservations, but we all have rooms and keys as if we were expected)

-There seems to be a staggering number of medical doctors about. Everything happens for a reason I have come to believe which brings into prospect the idea all of this medical experience may be needed. While on the subject of the Doctor: Currently five incarnations are about. Four, Five, Eight, Nine, Ten, each but Eight has at least one assistant/companion. This leads me to suspect trouble.

-The man at the front desk while pleasant enough is a bit unsettling. He seems to have taken up the illusion of staff. A brilliant move, actually.

Things to Further Investigate
-Torchwood. It’s been mentioned multiple times, and it seems a whole team is here in the Hotel. Knowing just what Torchwood does and just who is involved could be useful.

-The Bane. A race that created my adopted son from the future, find out who they are and what they want, it never hurts to be prepared.

-Continue to look for answers to previous questions.

A List of Present Doctors and Their Companions/Assistants
-The Fourth Doctor
*Myself (Sarah Jane Smith)
*Harry Sullivan
-The Fifth Doctor
-The Eighth Doctor
-The Ninth Doctor
*Rose Tyler (also travels with the Tenth Doctor)
*Captain Jack Harkness
-The Tenth Doctor
*Rose Tyler (also traveled with the Ninth Doctor)
*Mickey Smith
*Donna Noble (not technically a companion or an assistant, was though offered to come along, so is counted)

Things I Have Learned
-I am in twenty years’ time (give or take) a mother to a boy created by aliens. His name is Luke.

-Harry Sullivan is a very good kisser, a wonderful friend and the best comforter I could hope for.

-Despite all of this I should probably console myself on matters of the Doctor, because no man wants to hear about the “ex” (he can hardly be called that…) especially in the idolized light I shed on him.

-But I do love him. The Doctor. Harry. Both of them. And it’s terrifying.

-Quite possibly the only chance I have of not allowing myself to be swallowed by it all is to tell the Doctor how I feel, despite his laughter, flailing and the disapproval I will be met with. Still, those things and my own pride are reason enough to love and suffer in silence.

-I look very good in a scarf.

-Jelly babies make everything better.

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