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A (Rather Sweet) Log

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Mar. 27th, 2007 | 01:17 am

[Sarah Jane] *so then, a Sarah Jane Smith can be found outside, near the beach, but not on it*
[Harry Sullivan] *walking outside, sort of looking for her though not for any reason other than to assure himself she's there* Hullo Sarah...
[Sarah Jane] *turns and smiles* Harry.
[Sarah Jane] *steps towards him*
[Harry Sullivan] *smiles* It's good to see you.
[Sarah Jane] *smiles* I missed you.
[Harry Sullivan] *pleased at that, so his smile broadens a bit* You did?
[Sarah Jane] *smiles* Shouldn't I have?
[Harry Sullivan] It's not required.
[Sarah Jane] No, but it's not bad.
[Harry Sullivan] What have you been up to?
[Sarah Jane] This and that. I've been spending a bit of time with Luke.
[Harry Sullivan] *grins* Oh that's good. How is he adjusting?
[Sarah Jane] *moves to link their arms* Very well. *pauses* He called me "Mum" the other day. For the first time.
[Harry Sullivan] That's good. *pulls her a bit closer with the linked arms*
[Sarah Jane] What have you been up to, Harry?
[Harry Sullivan] Me? Almost nothing.
[Sarah Jane] Oh?
[Harry Sullivan] Really?
[Harry Sullivan] *no ? wft*
[Sarah Jane] Well, that's rather boring.
[Harry Sullivan] It is.
[Sarah Jane] You could have come to find me, you know.
[Harry Sullivan] Would I have found you?
[Sarah Jane] Why wouldn't you have? I haven't been far.
[Harry Sullivan] I don't know that.
[Sarah Jane] You do now. *kisses his cheek*
[Harry Sullivan] *smiles* What are you up to now?
[Sarah Jane] Thinking.
[Harry Sullivan] What about? *gentle tone*
[Sarah Jane] I had a conversation with the Doctor. Not /our/ Doctor. The fellow in the beige? I think he's right after ours...
[Harry Sullivan] What did you talk about?
[Sarah Jane] The Doctor. I've told you, yes? That he wants me to travel with him again?
[Harry Sullivan] Yes, you did tell me that.
[Sarah Jane] I'm going to tell him "No."
[Harry Sullivan] *closes his eyes* You're sure?
[Sarah Jane] *closes hers too* Yes. I'm certain.
[Harry Sullivan] *stops and reaches with soft fingers to stroke her cheek* Thank you.
[Sarah Jane] *moves to kiss him* You're welcome.
[Harry Sullivan] *kisses her back* *relaxing a little* I love you.
[Sarah Jane] I love you too, Harry. *nudges him with her nose*
[Harry Sullivan] I wish I could tell you how happy that makes me to hear that.
[Sarah Jane] That I love you or that I'm staying with you?
[Harry Sullivan] Either?
[Sarah Jane] *kisses him again, a bit deeper*
[Harry Sullivan] *holds her close and kisses with concentration*
[Sarah Jane] *smiles against his mouth and wraps her arms around his neck*
[Harry Sullivan] *resists the urge to lift her up just a little bit*
[Sarah Jane] *nuzzles and grins, brightly, against his lips*
[Harry Sullivan] *smiling into the kiss, really*
[Sarah Jane] *draws the kiss out*
[Harry Sullivan] *actually does pick her up just a little now because he's very happy*
[Sarah Jane] *squeals and laughs* /Harry/.
[Harry Sullivan] *sets her down* Oh sorry. You don't weigh anything.
[Sarah Jane] I'll take that, of course, as a compliment.
[Harry Sullivan] It is. *beaming*
[Sarah Jane] *runs a hand through his hair* You're grinning.
[Harry Sullivan] I'm happy.
[Sarah Jane] I'm that important to you?
[Harry Sullivan] Yes. What kind of question is that?
[Sarah Jane] A curious one. *kisses down his jaw*
[Harry Sullivan] Always curious. *softly*
[Sarah Jane] I'd make a poor journalist if I wasn't.
[Harry Sullivan] And you wouldn't be Sarah Jane Smith.
[Sarah Jane] *smiles and pecks* I love you, Harry Sullivan. I'm staying with you.
[Harry Sullivan] Thank you again. We're in this together.
[Sarah Jane] *moves to takes his hands and lace their fingers* For as long as you can stand me, Harry.
[Harry Sullivan] That's a very long time.
[Sarah Jane] *moves her mouth to his ear to whisper* How long is a very long time?
[Harry Sullivan] *solemnly* All my life.
[Sarah Jane] *moves to capture his mouth again*
[Harry Sullivan] *smiling, kisses her deeply*
[Sarah Jane] *closes her eyes tight, grinning and holding him close before nipping at his bottom lip*
[Harry Sullivan] *softly* Playful.
[Sarah Jane] A bit. *smiles*
[Harry Sullivan] I don't mind.
[Sarah Jane] No? *kisses up his cheek*
[Harry Sullivan] *chuckles* No,
[Sarah Jane] *grins* Good. I love you.
[Harry Sullivan] *hugs her* Can I cheer?
[Sarah Jane] *hugs back* If it suits you.
[Harry Sullivan] *laughing* Hip hip hooray! Sarah Jane loves me!
[Sarah Jane] *laughs wildly and wraps her arms tight about him before shouting through laughter* I am in love with Harry Sullivan!
[Harry Sullivan] *delighted*
[Sarah Jane] *grins at him*
[Harry Sullivan] I can believe in hope again.
[Sarah Jane] You stopped?
[Harry Sullivan] *looks away and then nods slightly*
[Sarah Jane] Why?
[Harry Sullivan] Because, career or not, my life seemed a dead end without you.
[Sarah Jane] You could have come with us again...
[Harry Sullivan] I didn't get another chance.
[Sarah Jane] Why did you stay behind anyways?
[Harry Sullivan] I didn't want to watch...
[Sarah Jane] *kisses his cheek*
[Sarah Jane] I missed you.
[Harry Sullivan] You did?
[Sarah Jane] I did.
[Harry Sullivan] That makes me feel better.
[Sarah Jane] Does it?
[Harry Sullivan] It sounds mean to say so, but people like being missed.
[Sarah Jane] ./I missed you/, Harry.
[Harry Sullivan] *hugs her* I wish I'd been there for you.
[Sarah Jane] You're here for me now. *hugs him back tight*
[Harry Sullivan] I will be always.
[Sarah Jane] And I'm here for you.
[Harry Sullivan] *softly* I'm glad for that.
[Sarah Jane] You didn't believe me before.
[Harry Sullivan] It is hard to do.
[Sarah Jane] Tell me you believe me now.
[Harry Sullivan] *short pause* I believe you.
[Sarah Jane] *kisses him* I chose you, Harry. I love /you/, Harry.
[Harry Sullivan] *kisses her back* *when he breaks off* No waffling?
[Sarah Jane] None. I promise.
[Harry Sullivan] *nods, more firmly* I believe you.
[Sarah Jane] *kisses him, sweetly*
[Harry Sullivan] *holds her close to kiss*
[Sarah Jane] *pulls closer and keeps him there*
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from: anonymous
date: Apr. 6th, 2010 04:39 am (UTC)

I absolutely adore it. It's perfect.

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